Sunday, June 7, 2009

One step closer

Good news for ACSP!! plans are going smoothly.. ureshi ne~ ^^ can't wait for next weekend to get the equipments and then complete the websites (main website, fb, friendster, blogspot, etc.). We're one step closer to officially launch our company~
Aside from ACSP, I've been working all week. Travelling to and fro everyday so far is making me darn tired, which also affected my performance at work. sigh~ Sorry my fren, if I haven't been up to the level of ur expectations. =/ I've done my best tho, and still giving my best.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Part time job

I was really nervous when I was on my way there. Why? coz i dun even know where's this place and how to get there. but i'm thankful for those people whom i asked for directions. Thank you so much!!
Anyway, I started work today as a part timer at a research and survey company at Damansara. Everyone is so friendly there. It was a bit eye straining going through all those survey forms but it was fun. I love how flexible everything is there, the time, dress code and all. Hope i'll hv another happy day 2moro. =)