Sunday, November 15, 2009

Graduation Day

Had a very happy and memorable day yesterday (14th November 2009).. It was my Advanced Diploma Convocation held at the College Main Hall, although not all my friends attended, I had a blast! Hired Kei as my personal photographer for my portrait taken in the morning before the Convocation Ceremony. Plus, Mum ordered a bouquet of flowers for this special occasion of mine the day before. It's so pretty that I'm still admiring it now. hehe! ^^
After the Ceremony, we all gathered outside the college hall to take group pictures. Met up with many friends whom I haven't seen for awhile now. The best part is that everyone had a great time together and this brings back memories. I felt at one point as if we were back in the college days. I really miss them all and wish that we could all gather again in future.
Here are some pictures, the blue hoods represents 'School of Technology' i.e. Engineering School:

The only girl from School of Technology on Graduation Day

My lovely flowers blooming on my special day