Sunday, November 15, 2009

Graduation Day

Had a very happy and memorable day yesterday (14th November 2009).. It was my Advanced Diploma Convocation held at the College Main Hall, although not all my friends attended, I had a blast! Hired Kei as my personal photographer for my portrait taken in the morning before the Convocation Ceremony. Plus, Mum ordered a bouquet of flowers for this special occasion of mine the day before. It's so pretty that I'm still admiring it now. hehe! ^^
After the Ceremony, we all gathered outside the college hall to take group pictures. Met up with many friends whom I haven't seen for awhile now. The best part is that everyone had a great time together and this brings back memories. I felt at one point as if we were back in the college days. I really miss them all and wish that we could all gather again in future.
Here are some pictures, the blue hoods represents 'School of Technology' i.e. Engineering School:

The only girl from School of Technology on Graduation Day

My lovely flowers blooming on my special day

Friday, October 16, 2009


Woohoo!! Friday is here and I'm counting hours to leave for my Home Sweet Home~ ^^ Can't wait to continue my Anime "God(?) Save the King". Huhu~

Anime: God(?) Save The King a.k.a. Kyo Kara Maoh

Since it's friday, I have 1 1/2 hours lunch time~ Gonna have lunch outside with some colleagues today. Heard the food there is good and cheap. The funny thing is the name of the restaurant i.e. "That restaurant". lol

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Working Life

It's been awhile since I've updated my blog. Been very busy with work and all sorts. I'm getting tired and bored nowadays cause I haven't got much to do after work on weekdays. I'm dying without a PC and Internet connection. Working life without entertainment will eventually build up stress. So I'm finding alternatives to keep me busy such as crocheting. Planning to get some materials and make some stuffs to generate some extra income. Besides that, I'm planning to build a mini studio for capturing pictures of small items too. It's good to have a hobby. Hehe!
A little update on Aurora Creative Studio Photography (ACSP). It has been launched earlier and here's our facebook website, Meanwhile, our main website is still under construction and will be uploaded soon.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

One step closer

Good news for ACSP!! plans are going smoothly.. ureshi ne~ ^^ can't wait for next weekend to get the equipments and then complete the websites (main website, fb, friendster, blogspot, etc.). We're one step closer to officially launch our company~
Aside from ACSP, I've been working all week. Travelling to and fro everyday so far is making me darn tired, which also affected my performance at work. sigh~ Sorry my fren, if I haven't been up to the level of ur expectations. =/ I've done my best tho, and still giving my best.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Part time job

I was really nervous when I was on my way there. Why? coz i dun even know where's this place and how to get there. but i'm thankful for those people whom i asked for directions. Thank you so much!!
Anyway, I started work today as a part timer at a research and survey company at Damansara. Everyone is so friendly there. It was a bit eye straining going through all those survey forms but it was fun. I love how flexible everything is there, the time, dress code and all. Hope i'll hv another happy day 2moro. =)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Short break after graduation

Besides the highlight of me graduating from college, life has been pretty much boring the past few weeks.. I've got nothing much to do than sitting at home in front of my pc all day until I get a job.

Anyhow, I've been enjoying animes I borrowed from a friend. Recently I've watched Ouran High School Host Club, Special A, Aria the animation, and now, watching halfway through, Aria the natural. Will be watching Aria the origination after this. lol. And, I still have Nana season 1-2, anime and drama series, and also God save the King season 1-3. ^^

A slight update on Aurora Creative Studio Photography (ACSP). I'm finished with all the information needed for the website for now. So we're now just waiting to get the equipments and proceed with the other plans. =)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brenda's visit

On the 15th of may, my beloved Brenda reached my place at nite. So we went for dinner with David at Zanmai restaurant at 1 Utama shopping centre. The food was very nice. After that, we went shopping around til around 10pm and headed back to Kepong to chill. We met Wai Keong there for a drink. So, after all that, we headed back to my place n had our girly nite, pillow talked til 3am. ^^
Next day, we took the public transport to Midvalley Megamall for a movie. We watched Angels & Demons staring Tom Hanks. Nice one. We then walked around a bit and called our frenz out at nite. Headed back to my place to meet up with David and Kei. Was really very hungry then. So, we went to Bangkok Jam at Bukit Bintang for dinner. Everyone had pineapple fried rice. haha! We enjoyed the meal and headed to Zouk to party the nite away~ Met up with Candy there and partied til 2am before leaving.
Brenda left the next day, after having lunch at my place. Mum cooked Penang Nasi Lemak. yummy~ ^^

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's day

I spent this year's Mother's day with my mum doing some charity. The Ampang Rotary club sponsored a health awareness event for low income citizens and we volunteered as helpers. Seeing people smiling back is the most rewarding thing. Their smiles left me very happy til now and I would really love to participate as volunteers in more charity events in future.
The event lasted til noon and I went shopping after that. I went with my fren Kei to Ikea, Ikano power centre, the Curve and Cineleisure. We actually intended to juz shop at Ikea and Ikano til I couldn't find the item I wanted. Well, after the long walk, we stopped by at Senjyu Sushi restaurant for a drink and some sushi(s).. the sushi(s) are not bad but a lil more expensive than Sakae Sushi. And before we left, I bought a small present for my mum. ^^

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I hv a great passion for music. It's been with me my entire life.. I believe that music has no boundaries and is universal.. Music touches people's heart. Currently, i'm into Epik High, a korean hip hop group. Hip hop wasn't my kind of music til i found Epik High. Their music is different and I love how they're going independant, starting their own label thingy. Mapthesoul Inc. Their songs are full of inspirations.. Good lyrics, great beats..
Here's one of my fav songs by Epik High..

Favourite hang out place..

hmm.. my fav hang out place? Starbucks! gosh! I love coffee.. but coffee is not the only reason why i love to hang out there.. it's coz of the atmosphere. A very relaxing atmosphere. My fav drink has gotta be their Mocha Frappucino with cream! ^^

There's another place i've juz discovered recently which is juz as good. Papparich, off Jalan Kepong. I love their white coffee and the atmosphere there is very relaxing. Oh, they even provide free wifi service. So this place is kinda great to hang out or to hv small business meetings. And did i mentioned abt their prices? very affordable!

At Starbucks studying for my finals..

Monday, April 27, 2009

life after finals..

It's been 3 days since my last paper and i'm still kinda blur... looking around for jobs but haven't found 1.. in the meantime, i'm clearing all the old junks tat's been around for years, turning my room's study corner into a creative working corner.. woohoo!! i hope this'll help me in generating creative ideas for my business.. ;)
Talking abt my business? it's still new n haven't been officially open yet. We're still working on it, chasing datelines and overcoming obstacles tat r in our way. WE CAN DO IT!! who r "we"? it's me n my business partner, Kei. You'll be hearing more abt this as i update my blog. ^^